The SecondCell Guarantee and 360 certification

How does it works?

Each device is thoroughly inspected, and refurbished as needed by our qualified technicians. All our phones receive the 360 certification before being added to our online store.

Verifications carried out to obtain 360 certification


  • Microphone
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID
  • Front camera
  • Rear camera
  • Camera flash
  • Backlight
  • LCD
  • Touch
  • Buttons
  • Call quality
  • Vibrator
  • GPS
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Gyroscope
  • Proximity sensor
  • USB and charging ports
  • Battery wear rate
  • iCloud Lock
  • Google Lock
  • Network unlock

Guarantee, exchange and refund

You are still having difficulty with your device No problem! At SecondCell, all of our buyers are protected by our 90 day warranty against defects!

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the device you receive, you can exchange your device free of charge, during the first 30 days. Otherwise you can get a reimbursement, less applicable fees.

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