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Motorola, an iconic name in the mobile industry, is synonymous with innovation and quality. Over the years, the brand has offered a diverse range of phones to cater to every budget and user preference.

Refurbished Motorola phones provide an excellent option for those looking for great value without compromising on quality. Choosing a pristine Motorola device allows users to experience state-of-the-art technology without the premium price of a new phone.

About refurbished Motorola phones

Motorola refurbished cellphones have all the brand-new features but come at a discounted price because they are not sold as "brand new", even though they often look and feel new. Each device is rigorously examined by our experts and undergoes thorough certification before being showcased on our online store. Since every refurbished phone has its story, we give it an aesthetic grade to provide clarity about its condition.


Why choose a refurbished Motorola phone?

A growing segment of consumers is veering towards buying used phones. This method saves money and offers flexibility since these phones usually don’t come with lengthy contracts.

By opting for an unlocked Motorola phone, you can effortlessly switch between service providers, ensuring you always get the best deal and can adapt to any new promotional offers. This is especially beneficial for international travelers. Instead of incurring high roaming fees, just buy a local SIM card at your destination. Given the ever-changing mobile plan rates in Canada, using a prepaid plan while traveling can be a smart way to save.

Not only are refurbished Motorola phones more economical than brand-new ones, but they also come with a warranty. They often run on the latest Android version and have features parallel to the newest Motorola models.

Discover our range of refurbished Motorola devices

From the Motorola Moto G6 to the modern Moto Edge, SecondCell presents a selection of refurbished Motorola phones, frequently updated.

Top Motorola smartphones

Motorola Moto G62

The Motorola Moto G62 exemplifies how budget phones can seamlessly integrate premium features. With a vibrant display, advanced software, and an impressive camera, this model stands out in the market.

Motorola Edge 40 Pro

The Motorola Edge 40 Pro is a pinnacle of technological advancement. It boasts a top-tier chipset, cutting-edge display technology, and a camera module that rivals the industry's best.

Motorola Edge 40

Elegance meets functionality with the Motorola Edge 40. Its sleek design is complemented by intuitive software and a display that offers vivid visuals.

Motorola Razr 2022

Marrying nostalgia with modern technology, the Motorola Razr 2022 offers a unique foldable design. Its performance metrics are stellar, and the camera captures moments with precision.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

A class apart, the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is recognized for its stunning display, unmatched performance, and a battery that powers through the day.

Motorola Moto G82 5G

Offering exceptional value, the Motorola Moto G82 5G is equipped with an immersive display and performance that impresses.

Motorola Edge 20

The Motorola Edge 20 is a versatile phone with a brilliant display, smooth performance, and software that elevates the user experience.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Distinguished by its vibrant display, enduring battery life, and a user experience that's seamless, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is a top pick.

Moto G200

The Moto G200 is engineered for those who demand performance. With a sharp display and a battery tailored for extended usage, it's a noteworthy model.

Moto E7i Power

Price doesn't compromise quality with the Moto E7i Power. Despite its affordability, it offers commendable performance, a contemporary design, and a camera that delivers.

Our inventory updates daily. So, if you spot your favorite model, don’t delay! If the phone you desire isn’t in stock, stay tuned, it might be available soon!

Finding the best deals on refurbished Motorola mobile phones

Refurbished products are a fantastic way to save money, but it's essential to research before purchasing. Ensure the phone's origin is legit, inspect its condition, and confirm it comes with a warranty. When comparing prices, prioritize devices certified by experts. A minimum 30-day warranty is standard, as any issues usually arise within the first few weeks of usage.

For a Comprehensive Motorola Phone Guide, refer to TechRadar's Motorola Phone Guide.

Our commitment: 1 Year warranty on refurbished Motorola phones

At SecondCell, our priority is your satisfaction. Thus, every Motorola phone we offer comes with a 1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects. If the device doesn’t meet your criteria, our 30-day free exchange policy has got you covered.

Additional benefits of shopping at SecondCell

  • Swift delivery: Receive your device quickly with our free express delivery.
  • Trade-in options: Swap your old phone for credit towards a new purchase or sell it to us.
  • Flexible payment: Break down your payment over several installments with Affirm.

More brands at SecondCell

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Why opt for a Motorola phone? 

Motorola blends innovation, resilience, and value, solidified by series like the Motorola Edge and Moto G.

How does Motorola compare with other brands? 

Under Lenovo, Motorola excels in quality and has standout models like the Motorola Razr.

What makes Motorola software unique? 

Motorola provides an almost stock Android experience, amplified by user-focused features and prompt Android OS updates.

Are Motorola phones durable? 

Known for their sturdy build, water-resistant properties, and extended battery life, Motorola phones are built to last.