Programming your new phone

Follow these easy steps to get you device up and running

Remove the sim card from your old device

If you do not have a sim card, you’ll have to get one from your service provider (Ex. Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc.) . Use the sim pin included with your device to remove the sim.

Verify your sim card format

You might have to change your sim card with your provider if the sim card is not the right size. Do not insert an incompatible sim card in the device.

Insert the sim card in your new device

Use the included sim pin to insert the sim into your new device.

Turn on the device and follow the instructions

All of the information asked during the initialization of your device is optional. However, if you wish to program your device with your accounts and your personal information (EG: Facebook, email, Gmail, passwords, fingerprint, etc.), it is recommended to fill in the information.

Your device is now ready to use!

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