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Want to get your hands on an Android phone without breaking the bank? SecondCell offers a wide range of affordable refurbished devices to suit all budgets. You will find the most popular brands like Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG and many others. Refurbished devices are a great way to get a quality smartphone at a fraction of the cost of a new device.


The SecondCell advantage

The SecondCell refurbished cell phone store brings together a very large quantity of inexpensive mobile phones. In addition to being affordable, all devices on sale are inspected, certified and guaranteed.

Inspection and certification of Android devices

Before being put on sale, each used cell phone is inspected by our technicians and receives the 360 certification. In addition, an aesthetic evaluation is performed on all used cell phones for sale to assign them a grade on a scale of 1 to 10 to make it easier for our customers to make a choice. Here you will see the largest selection of used phones in Canada, ranging from the best refurbished Samsung Galaxy, to the cheap Huawei cellphone, to the old model LG phone. You will most certainly find the used cell phone you are looking for.

The warranty on our used Android cell phones

You will get, at SecondCell, a 1 Year warranty on defects on all second-hand cell phones. You also have 30 days following your purchase to exchange a device that does not meet your expectations. 

Why choose Android?

There are several good reasons to opt for an Android cell phone. The Android mobile operating system, acquired by Google in 2005, offers more freedom, control and customization than its rival IOS. Particularly known for smartphones and electronic tablets, Android is also used on connected devices, such as televisions (Android TV) and smartwatches (Wear OS). Data security is ensured by the encryption on the Android system.

Android has become the most widely used mobile operating system in the world and many mobile device manufacturers have adopted this technology. So you have a huge choice of devices from different brands, you just have to choose the mobile device that suits your needs and budget.

Refurbished Android mobile phones

While you may be looking for the best Android phone for your needs, here are the mobile device manufacturers that offer quality models that are perfectly suited for the refurbished sector.


The brand that dominates the Android mobile phone market is undoubtedly Samsung. This Korean telecommunications giant has become the world's number one smartphone producer since 2012, even surpassing Apple's success. Samsung's phones are known for their remarkable quality and come in different ranges to accommodate all types of budgets.

Discover the Samsung devices available in our inventory.


A player that is taking more and more space in the telephone industry is Google, particularly with its Pixel range. The Android operating system is developed by Google, it is obvious that the world-renowned American company has the necessary resources to develop and produce quality devices.

Check out our Google Pixel range refurbished phones.


The Chinese company Huawei also offers smartphones equipped with the Android operating system. Often more affordable than Samsung or iPhone models, Huawei offers cell phones that provide good value for money.

Visit the Huawei page to see the models in stock.


LG Electronics is a South Korean company known worldwide for the production of various electronic devices, among others: mobile phones, personal computers and televisions. LG phones also work with Google's Android operating system. In 2021, the LG group announces the sale of its mobile business, so it's a good time to find bargains on the latest refurbished Android cellphone from LG.

Check out LG devices.


This American company has been successful in the field of electronics and telecommunications, the oldest among us will remember the first generations of Motorola cell phones (before they became smart). After a prosperous period, the company suffered major financial losses around 2007 and was later acquired by Google and later by Lenovo. Today, Motorola phones use Android technology and are considered good value for money.

See our inventory of refurbished Motorola cell phones.


TCL is a Chinese electronics manufacturer, which mainly specializes in the production of smartphones, televisions and computers. TCL mobile phones are also on the Android system, generally more affordable than popular brands.

Feel free to check out the SecondCell inventory of TCL phones.

Best affordable Android smartphones

You're probably looking for excellent battery life, good photo quality, and enough GB of ram to run your various mobile apps. Among the many possibilities as to the choice of model for a second life mobile phone, there are certain models that stand out for their characteristics. The best Android cell phones are highly coveted, here are a few examples:


With more than 2 billion Samsung Galaxy smartphones sold in the last decade, this collection has proven itself. The Galaxy S10 on Android 12 is very popular in Canada and the refurbished Galaxy S10 just as popular on our online store.

Here is a list of Samsung Galaxy Android models which are recommendable in the refurbished phone market:

  • Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S9

  • Galaxy S10

  • Galaxy S20

  • Galaxy S21 

  • Galaxy S22 


Google Pixel is a collection of mobile devices sold by Google since 2015 and work under Android. These are high quality devices that are equipped with the latest technologies developed by the American giant. If you are looking for a refurbished Google Pixel, you have come to the right place!

Here are some of the Google Pixel cellphones that are coveted in Canada on the refurbished Android phone market:

  • Google Pixel 3 

  • Google Pixel 4 

  • Google Pixel 5 

  • Google Pixel 6 

  • Google Pixel 7 

If you are unsure, know that all of our refurbished cell phones can be exchanged free of charge for a period of 30 days. In addition, we now offer the possibility of making your purchase by paying in several installments with Affirm.


If you need to receive your used cell phone quickly, don't worry, all orders are shipped with our free express delivery (2 days in Quebec and 3 days in the rest of Canada).

Resell of second-hand mobile devices

Is your old phone still functional? Know that you can sell it to us for cash back or credit on your purchase.

Feel free to contact us, we will help you make an informed choice.