iPhone prices in Canada: Understanding the factors that influence cost

Prix du iPhone au Canada

In today's tech landscape, the price of an iPhone in Canada is a constant point of interest for consumers, balancing between innovation and accessibility. Apple, marking each year in the industry with its advancements, sets its prices based on factors such as innovations brought, storage capacity, camera quality, and more.

Understanding the cost of iPhones, whether the latest models like the iPhone 15 or earlier versions, not only helps grasp the dynamics of the Canadian market but also appreciates Apple's efforts to maintain a balance between quality and affordability.

This article aims to detail the various factors influencing the price of the iPhone, both for new and used models.

Factors Influencing the Price of New iPhones

The price of new iPhone models is influenced by several key factors, including the model, specifications, and market demand. These elements interact to determine the final cost consumers must pay to acquire the latest Apple innovations.

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Prix du iPhone neuf au Canada


The different iPhone models available on the market present a range of prices. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $1,449, while the standard iPhone 15 is priced from $1,129. Previous models, such as the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, are offered at slightly lower prices, starting at $999 and $849, respectively. The iPhone SE model, known for its high performance at a more affordable price, starts at $579. This price variation reflects not only the evolution of technical and aesthetic features but also Apple's strategy to offer options for different consumer segments.

Popular iPhones and Retail Prices in Canada

Model Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (CAD)
iPhone 15 Pro Max $1,749 to $2,349
iPhone 15 Pro $1,449 to $2,199
iPhone 15 Plus $1,279 to $1,729
iPhone 15 $1,129 to $1,579
iPhone 14 Plus $1,149 to $1,599
iPhone 14 $999 to $1,449
iPhone 13 $849 to $1,299
iPhone SE $579 to $789

Source: Official Apple Canada Website


Technical specifications play a crucial role in determining the price of iPhones. All recent iOS models share the same processor, ensuring high performance across the range. The battery life, improved to last a whole day of use, and the quality of the screen, bright and detailed even without curvature, are common strengths. However, specific features, such as storage capacity, can vary, influencing the price. For example, new iPhone models with 1 TB of storage typically cost over $2,000 in Canada, illustrating how higher capacities lead to higher costs.

Market Demand

Market demand and global economic conditions, such as inflation, significantly impact the prices of Apple's new devices. Price increases of about 15% have been observed recently, affecting not only iPhones but also other Apple products like the MacBook Pro and iPads.

Despite these increases, iPhones remain competitive in several regions, particularly in Canada where the price of the iPhone 14 (256 GB) remains competitive compared to other countries. This pricing strategy takes into account regional differences and offered promotions, aiming to maximize the appeal of new models in the market.

The price of a new iPhone in Canada results from a complex combination of factors, including the specific model, advanced technical specifications, and market dynamics. Apple adjusts these variables to meet consumer expectations while navigating an ever-evolving economic environment.

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Factors Influencing the Price of Used iPhones

Prix du iPhone usagé au Canada

Age and Model

The age and model of the iPhone play a crucial role in determining its price on the used market. Newer models and those equipped with advanced technologies, such as the latest processors and cameras, tend to maintain higher prices. For example, a used iPhone 14 Pro Max can sell for between $1,000 and $1,300, while an older model like the iPhone 12 might be found at a lower price. The operating system version and the availability of updates also influence the resale value of iPhones.

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Specifications and Accessories

Technical features such as storage capacity and the condition of included accessories also affect the price. An iPhone with higher storage space, such as an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB, can cost significantly more. Additionally, the presence of original accessories, such as the charging cable and earphones, can increase the resale value.

The camera, notably advanced features like an ultra-wide-angle lens, and battery condition also play an essential role in determining the price, as buyers are willing to pay more for better photo quality and extended battery life. Explore our guide to the best cell phones for photography.

Demand in the Used Market

Demand for certain models of refurbished iPhones can influence their price. Popular models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max remain in demand due to their reliability and performance, thus maintaining a reasonable resale value even with the arrival of new models. Newer models, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, also see high demand due to camera and performance improvements.

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Condition and Aesthetic Grade

The physical condition of the iPhone is a determining factor in its value. A device without scratches or signs of wear, and with a good battery condition, will be more expensive. Mobile phone sellers often use a grading system to describe the aesthetic condition, helping buyers understand what they are purchasing. Discover our aesthetic grading system carefully assigned to each of our devices by specialist technicians.

Unlocked or Carrier-Locked

Buying an unlocked iPhone, which can be used with different carriers or with multiple SIM cards, is generally more expensive than those locked to a specific carrier. The ease of unlocking, or the absence of fees associated with this operation, can also add to the device's value.

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The presence of an extended warranty for several months can increase the value of a used smartphone. Consumers are reassured by warranties that protect against potential defects, especially when purchasing expensive devices. Discover the SecondCell 12-month warranty, the longest warranty in the refurbished phone industry in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

These various factors interact to shape the used iPhone market, offering consumers a variety of options in terms of price, condition, and specifications.


We have provided a detailed overview of the multiple factors influencing iPhone prices, both new and used, in the Canadian market. Elements such as the device model, its advanced features, including processor and photographic system innovations, and market demand are crucial in setting prices. This highlights not only the importance of staying informed about the latest trends and technological developments but also of considering the condition, age, and accessories of an iPhone when buying or selling a used model.

The implications of these factors are vast, directly influencing consumers' access to the latest technological innovations and their ability to make informed choices in a constantly evolving market. Retailer promotions and strategies, coupled with regional differences in Canada, also play a crucial role in the diversity of prices offered. This in-depth analysis aims not only to facilitate understanding of price dynamics but also to encourage consumers to carefully examine the various factors influencing the cost of an iPhone before making a purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Prices

Are iPhones more affordable in Canada compared to other countries?

Although prices may seem competitive, it is important to note that prices in the United States are often displayed without taxes, making them appear lower. Globally, Japan and South Korea are generally the most advantageous places to buy an iPhone.

Is it advantageous to buy an iPhone in Canada?

Several global studies on iPhone prices show that prices in Canada are relatively moderate compared to other countries, generally aligning with the global average.

When do iPhone prices generally decrease?

Historically, Apple reduces the prices of its older iPhone models each year when a new model is launched. This price drop usually occurs between July and August.