iPhone 12: Which model to choose?

Introduction to the iPhone 12 Series

iPhone 12 models

In 2020, Apple launched its iPhone 12 model series, a significant step in the evolution of smartphone technology. Each of these models provides various features to satisfy the most demanding users.

From the smallest iPhone 12 Mini to the large and powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max, each model offers unique characteristics. The choice may seem difficult, and that's why we present the specifics of each model, hoping to help you find the model that suits your needs.

Common Points of iPhone 12 Models

Each iPhone 12 model is equipped with an A14 Bionic processor and is 5G compatible. The different models in this range are also equipped with a Super Retina XDR screen, offering high-clarity images.

The common points between the different iPhone 12 models don't stop at their technical characteristics. They also share a similar design. All models are available in several colors, allowing everyone to choose the appearance that best matches their style.

Each iPhone 12 model also has specificities that distinguish it from the others. By exploring these differences, we can help you determine which iPhone 12 model is best suited to your expectations.

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The iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Mini Features

The iPhone 12 Mini stands out with its compact format. Its 5.4-inch screen is the smallest in the range, offering a pleasant grip for those who prefer small devices.

Despite its small size, the iPhone 12 Mini makes no compromise on performance. It is equipped with the same A14 Bionic processor as the other models, ensuring exceptional smoothness and speed.

The iPhone 12 Mini benefits from excellent screen quality thanks to the Super Retina XDR technology. Its resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels provides clear images and the OLED technology ensures vibrant colors. Regarding storage capacity, the iPhone 12 Mini is available in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB versions.

Who is the iPhone 12 Mini for?

The iPhone 12 Mini is the perfect choice for those who prefer a compact and manageable device. If you find current smartphones difficult to use with one hand, the 12 Mini could well be the solution. It offers the same performance as the larger models in a more manageable format.

Even with a smaller size, this model has the same key features as the other phones of its generation. Whether it's for taking high-quality photos, playing games, or browsing the internet without interruption, the iPhone 12 Mini will satisfy you.

The iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Features

The iPhone 12, the standard model of the series, is a versatile smartphone that provides an excellent balance between performance and ease of use. With its 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 12 offers a more immersive experience than the 12 Mini while remaining easy to handle.

The iPhone 12 shares most of its technical features with the 12 Mini. It is equipped with the same A14 Bionic processor and offers the same quality of Super Retina XDR display. It is also available in storage options: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It distinguishes itself with a longer battery life, allowing this smartphone to be used longer without needing to recharge.

Who is the iPhone 12 for?

The iPhone 12 is the ideal choice for those looking for a smartphone that is both powerful and versatile. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a professional needing a reliable tool for work, the iPhone 12 will meet your expectations.

Thanks to its large screen, the iPhone 12 provides an excellent visual experience, whether it's for watching videos or using applications. Moreover, thanks to its long battery life, you can use your smartphone throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery.

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The iPhone 12 Pro

Features of the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro brings a series of advanced features designed for the most demanding users. Like the iPhone 12, it has a 6.1-inch screen, but it stands out with the addition of a highly sophisticated triple camera system, larger storage capacity, and a LiDAR scanner, which facilitates the use of augmented reality and low-light photography.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 Pro is also equipped with the A14 Bionic processor, ensuring speed and flawless fluidity. As for storage capacity, it is available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions.

Who is the iPhone 12 Pro for?

The iPhone 12 Pro is designed for users who need more than what the standard iPhone 12 has to offer. Whether you are a professional creator or a photography enthusiast, you will appreciate the advanced features of the iPhone 12 Pro.

With its triple camera system, the iPhone 12 Pro will allow you to take professional-grade photos and provides an enhanced augmented reality experience thanks to its LiDAR scanner.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max

Features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most advanced and the largest model of the iPhone 12 range. With its 6.7-inch display, the iPhone 12 Pro Max delivers an unparalleled experience. It has the most advanced camera system among the devices in this range, with an improved telephoto lens and a larger main sensor.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max shares several features with the 12 Pro. However, it stands out with its high-capacity battery, which provides the best battery life of all models in this range.

Who is the iPhone 12 Pro Max for?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed for those who want no compromises in terms of performance and features. If you have creation needs, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will not disappoint you.

With its large screen and advanced camera system, this phone is the ideal choice for those looking for high image quality. Also, thanks to its long battery life, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is perfectly suitable for those who are concerned about running out of battery during the day.

Other iPhone Models

The iPhone 12 Mini stands out with its compact size and accessibility, while still offering good image quality with its Night Mode and Smart HDR. However, it is outperformed by newer models such as the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and even the iPhone 14 Pro Max. These latest models benefit from significant camera improvements, with an even more powerful Night Mode and optimized Smart HDR.

It is worth noting that these devices are more expensive than the iPhone 12 range. For an affordable alternative, high-end models from previous generations, like the iPhone 11 Pro, can prove to be a good deal.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is more technologically advanced, equipped with a Ceramic Shield for enhanced protection and a stainless steel frame for superior durability.

However, for users looking for a more affordable option, the iPhone SE remains a viable choice, despite its inferior performance. You can browse our refurbished iPhone collection on this page.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right iPhone 12 Model?

The iPhone 12 range offers a wide variety of choices. To make the right choice, it is essential to consider your needs and your budget. Are you looking for a compact and efficient smartphone? The iPhone 12 Mini is perfect for you.

Do you need a smartphone for professional use? The iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max would be a wise choice. Do you simply want a good iPhone? The iPhone 12 is a perfectly suitable option.

For even more choices, don't hesitate to consult our Android collection or our unlocked phones. Choosing an iPhone is never an easy task, but with this information, we hope you will be able to find the model that suits you best.


What are the different types of iPhone 12?

There are four models in this generation of iPhones: the 12, the 12 Mini, the 12 Pro, and the 12 Pro Max.

What's the difference between the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger screen, better battery life, and a superior camera system.

Which is the better iPhone between the 12 and the 13?

The iPhone 13 provides a higher level of performance, improved camera quality, and longer battery life. The iPhone 12, however, remains an excellent choice, typically at a more affordable price.

What's the difference between the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini?

The iPhone 12 and the 12 Mini version are very similar in terms of features and performance. The main difference is the size: the 12 Mini is more compact.