Galaxy A50:Our take on Samsung's new device

A well-priced phone with a large, colorful screen, beautiful design and excellent performance.

 Our assessment:                            Price new:449.95$


With its excellent value for money, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is seriously worth considering for a future purchase.


Important information:

Samsung's A series is unfortunately too often overlooked by the general public. Probably because of the great popularity of its big sister, the S-series. On the other hand, the A-series is generally equal to or better than the S-series of the last two years, at a very competitive price.



What is very interesting about the Samsung Galaxy A50 are the new technologies that are included in it for a device called 'mid-range'. For example, you will find a fingerprint reader on the same main screen, a technology only available from the Galaxy S10 at Samsung. Same thing with the camera, with 3 lenses available on it, a feature that is only available on Samsung devices since the S10 only.


Performance and battery:

With its 8-core processor and 4GB of RAM, the A50 has nothing to envy the competition, with excellent performance in our tests, whether during video games or when using several applications simultaneously. . Surprisingly, our tests show that the Galaxy A50 performs better than its big brother, the A70.

Being equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, the device manages to do a full day with normal use. According to Samsung, it is possible to make 23 hours of calls without having to recharge it. In comparison, a Galaxy S8 would allow 20 hours.


The Super AMOLED screen:

The screen of the Galaxy A50 is what makes this device a very interesting choice. With a size of 6.4 inches, a super AMOLED screen and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, it really isn't disappointing. On the contrary, it is impressive to see a screen of this quality in a device of this price. In addition, it contains the new fingerprint reader technology on the same main screen.


Cameras :

One of the very interesting features of this phone is definitely the three camera lenses available on the back, in addition to the lens on the front of the device. As the main lenses, you have 25MP, 5MP, and 8MP devices respectively. There is a regular lens, for everyday photos, a very wide angle lens, used for panoramic photos and then finally, a lens used for portrait photos with a blur in the back.).


Comparison with a Galaxy S8:

We had fun doing a little comparison with Samsung's most high-end model from 2 years ago, the Galaxy S8, to demonstrate the full value of the new Galaxy A50.



As you can see, in virtually every aspect the Galaxy A50 will be more interesting than its predecessor. Bigger screen, 3 camera lenses that are superior, a brand new fingerprint reader in the same main screen and a bigger battery of 25. Only small difference; the number of pixels compared to the size of the screen. The Galaxy S8 offers slightly better definition than the A50, but frankly, to the eye, it's not something we actually see.t.


In summary :

In summary, for a very competitive price of 449.99, this device is worth a look before you make your purchase decision. A Galaxy S9 is still selling for 859.99 right now, so at that price you've got a very capable device and more cash in your pocket!s! 

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