Which charger to use for your cell phone?

You have several chargers that seem to be the same Think again!!

They have the same tip and they fit the device perfectly and they seem to work like the original charger. On the other hand, the current supplied is not the same!


Watch out for inexpensive chargers!

The low-cost chargers available at corner convenience stores or online shopping sites are far from saving.

First, the current supplied to the device will often be less than the original charger or a certified charger. This considerably lengthens the charging time of the phone. For example, several cell phones running Android use a wall charger and a cable that can charge up to 2.1A 2100mA. Most of the cheap chargers provide 1A 1000mA, which greatly reduces the charging speed of the device. Not very practical when you are dry!sec!

Also, these chargers are generally not smart. What it means: when the device has finished charging, it continues to supply power to the device. Unlike a good charger, or even the original one, there is no smart chip in the cable and in the power supply. This chip is used to stop charging as soon as the device is at 100. Using the wrong charger can damage the battery, see the device and even be dangerous for fires..


The famous USB socket of the car or the computer ...


Unlike a low-cost charger, the USB socket in your car or computer is not bad for your cell phone in itself. On the other hand, it is not at all effective! The maximum charge provided is 500mA, which is half of a low-end charger. In addition, the current variation of a USB socket is very high, so most of the time, the load is less than 200mA.

Often times, the USB plug only maintains the current charge of your device but is not powerful enough to charge it.


Owners of Apple products, shop well!


Pay attention! You need to buy a certified Apple charger if you want to have a working cable. Here's why:

Apple installs a smart chip, directly into the cable and into the power supply, to ensure it meets Apple standards. If you are using counterfeit accessories, your iPhone might tell you this:

So you just spent a lot of money unnecessarily on a non-functional charger.


In conclusion

If you want to keep your device longer, use an original charger or a certified charger. This will offer you optimal charging time, and will be equipped with a smart chip to stop the device from charging when it reaches 100. In addition, it will be completely safe and will help you maintain an efficient battery for Longer!!