How to save on your mobile bill?


Your mobile service bill keeps increasing It is approaching 100 monthly, or worse, it has already passed this milestone All is not lost!du!


Reduce your overage fees

The most expensive package is the one that we never stop exceeding. Fortunately, the majority of cell phone providers' plans offer unlimited calling and long distance. On the other hand, what is risky to exceed is your data plan! The best protection Choose the right plan and monitor your usage. 

You think that it is advantageous to take only 1gb of internet in your plan and to overuse it from time to time In reality, the price difference between a monthly plan of 1gb and 4gb is often only as little as 10 / month. If you exceed your plan for a month for example 2go of excess the providers generally charge 0.05 / mo. In this situation, then we are talking about an overbilling of around 100! So take the time to properly assess your needs and choose the right package, even if it means having a little extra data.aires.

The other tool is to monitor your usage. Be aware that all devices running Android have this feature pre-installed in the device, which even allows you to block use when your limit is reached. However, the best option is to use your mobile provider's mobile application to track your data usage. This is the official use registered by your mobile provider. It is therefore the best source of information in the event of a dispute!


Keep your old device or opt for a used cell phone!

It is definitely the best option for saving money. In reality, smartphone plans vary between 55 / month and 80 / month, depending on the device and the plan chosen. But did you know that when your contract is over, you are entitled to a substantial reduction in the price of your package? Few people know!nt!

Obviously, it is not the wireless providers who are contacting you to offer you this discount, you must ask for it, otherwise they will be happy to continue charging you the same price! When your contract is over, you are entitled to a reduction of around 15 to 30 depending on the plan and your provider. For example, at Bell and Rogers, you save 20 / month when your contract is over. That's the equivalent of 480 over 24 months!is! 

In addition, if you want to obtain the monthly reduction and change to a new device, opt for a used cell phone! You get a device you're interested in, at a fraction of the price of a new device, with a reduced monthly plan. The best of both worlds!