Buy a used cell phone safely

As the purchases of used cellphones are becoming more and more popular, it is important to be familiar with the elements to know in order to avoid the risk of fraud or ending up with a device that does not work well.

Important elements

There are a few important things to consider when considering purchasing a used device. Once you know the model of the device that interests you, know that you cannot buy just anything! Effectively, you need to find a device that works with your mobile phone provider. Since December 1, 2017, devices sold by telecom companies are now automatically unlocked. However, if the phone was purchased before that date, it will still be locked with the original provider. Fortunately, there is no longer a charge to unlock devices, even those purchased before December 1, 2017. But, please note that if you are not the original owner of the device, the process can be more complex. depending on the companies. Also, check the price of the new device to make sure you get a real savings.

Avoid buying a stolen cell phone

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stolen cellphones for sale on consumer resale sites. It is important to take some precautions to avoid ending up with such a device in your hands. If so, and the phone has been reported stolen, it will never work with any wireless service provider. Fortunately, by following these very simple precautions, it is very easy to avoid getting ripped off. First, ask for the device's IMEI serial number. Most dishonest sellers will just avoid selling you the device and instead grab someone else. On the other hand, if it provides it to you, Canadians now have a verification tool to check if the serial number has been declared stolen!

Here is the link:

Just write down the serial number, and the checker will tell you if it has been reported stolen! Obviously, when taking possession of the device, check if it is indeed the serial number that was provided to you. To do this, all you have to do is enter the following number during a call: # 06 # The serial number will automatically appear on the screen! Unfortunately, if the consumer is late reporting their device stolen, it may stop working after you buy it..

Ask questions and test the device

Don't be afraid to ask questions! You are about to invest a good sum of money in a new cell phone, it is legitimate to make sure that the device works well! Insist on picking up the device from the seller directly. A salesperson who has something hidden will try to come and carry the device or will want to meet you at a meeting point. It won't give you any additional guarantee or protection, but the seller will be more cautious about telling you salads! In addition, when you have the device in your hands, test it! It bothers you to do it in front of the seller who waits and sighs It's your choice! In our opinion, it is much more inconvenient to invest 400 in a device that does not perform well. Obviously, you might not know the things that need to be tested and that tend to be lacking. Here is a list of quick and easy tests to help you:r:

  • Display, open the device's telephone keypad and verify that all keys are functional.
  • Check that both cameras are working.
  • Insert your Sim card to verify that the network is working. By the same token, that it works with your operator.
  • Bring a pair of headphones to test the outlet.
  • Ask to test the charging socket.
  • Check that all physical buttons are working.
  • Test the vibration.
  • Once your Sim card is in the device, make a call and test the speakers and microphone.

How to get the best protection?

The best protection is obviously not to buy a used cell phone from a private individual. But is the solution to buy a new cell phone from a retailer of wireless services Not really! We offer you the best of both worlds: buy a used cell phone, at a very competitive price compared to new cell phones, in a safe environment! Our online store has a huge variety of used devices, at competitive prices! We buy all of our used devices from consumers who no longer need them. They are then thoroughly checked, tested and refurbished as needed. Plus, to make sure you know what you're buying, our devices are rated on a general device physical condition rating system. Here they are::

Grade 10/10: New device.

Grade 9/10: The device is in perfect condition. No visible scratches more than 20 cm from the face. No trace of impact or fall.

Grade 8/10: The device has a few micro scratches, but shows no signs of impact or drop.

Grade 7/10: The device has scratches or slight signs of impact.

Grade 6/10 or less: The device has several scratches, or several marks of impact. The appliance is 100 functional and the glass of the appliance is in good condition..

All of our devices are backed by our one-year warranty against defects. In addition, since each used cell phone is unique, we send high resolution photos to all customers who want them! If you are not satisfied, we also offer the possibility of exchanging the device during the first 30 days, free of charge, if you are not satisfied. Also, the only payment method available on our online store is Paypal, which protects you! We deliver anywhere in Canada, for free!