Buy a new or a used cell phone?

You just broke your cell phone You gave him a little dip in the toilet? 

Your first instinct Go see your mobile phone provider!
But is it the right thing to do
Your mobile phone contract is not finished, that is to say that you still have a balance to repay on the device. What A balance to repay on a free cell phone Yes yes ...!.!


Here's how buying a new cell phone works:

When you subscribe to your wireless service provider, they offer you a device at 0. On the other hand, to have this device for free, you generally have to do two full years with your plan, before changing provider or changing your phone. 'apparatus. If you don't complete your 2-year contract, here's how the penalty is calculated::

Price of the new cell phone when you took out the contract: 699.99$

Device Discount for 2 Year Contract Usually referred to as Libra: 699.9999$

Device price at departure: 0$

So you have a balance of around 700 initially. As you make your monthly payments, the balance will decrease, reaching 0 after 24 months..
For a balance of 700, we can calculate as follows: 700/24 months 29.16 / month. So for example if you break your device after 8 months, you will still have 466.56 to pay on the device. 29.16 X 16 months remaining 466.56. In general, the first instinct is: 466.56 to have a new, new device, it's not that bad! Indeed, we have several used cellphones at these prices. We have a lot less expensive too!ieux aussi!) 


First, is spending 466.56 on a new device or a used cell phone?e?

For roughly the same price, the new device still commits you to a two-year contract! You tell yourself that you will always have a cell phone, so what good is it not to have a contract To save money!!


Your free cell phone ... it is not!

Have you noticed that when you buy your new device from the retailer, it forces you to take a package at 50, 60, or even 70 / monthis? 

Did you know that when your contract is over, you can choose the package you want You can even choose from the start if you will subscribe with a used cell phone! 

We're talking about savings of up to 25 / month here! That's 300 / year! For the exact same package, but with your own device!l!

It becomes very advantageous in terms of price, and negotiating power! And yes, no bargaining power contract with wireless providers!!


That's a think about it!